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The tire change weeks, an MOT mailing or ‘just one more major service before the summer vacations’. Every aftersales department recognizes these peak moments during the year. And yet it is busy enough even without these moments.

Although solutions such as chat, online forms or planners are available, most customers still pick up the phone to make an appointment. If you are not easily accessible as a dealer, this has an effect on customer satisfaction. Max offers a solution! For aftersales he schedules a workshop appointment within 2 minutes together with the customer!

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The importance of good planning

Scheduling aftersales appointments properly is important. At the same time, it is a time-consuming job for service advisors.

Max supports every service employee by answering the phone and determining together with the customer for which car a workshop appointment should be made. By directly consulting the dealer’s workshop planning, the date and time are determined which are suitable.

If Max and the customer agree, the workshop appointment is immediately scheduled in Plan-IT and the dealer receives a confirmation by e-mail. The customer receives an SMS. Customer happy with accessibility and service. Dealer staff can spend their time on more complex questions.


Max the planner

Making workplace appointments is usually relatively simple. That process can largely be automated. By using Max to schedule the simple workshop appointments:

  • Takes the pressure off the service advisors.
  • The appointment is immediately entered into the workshop planning system.
  • Every caller is registered.

Optimizing aftersales processes provides room for other areas of focus, such as increasing customer satisfaction and saving costs.

Why Max for Aftersales

Max for Aftersales has many different advantages. For both customer, dealer and advisor. Below an overview.
For the customer

24/7 availability

Phone always answered

Appointment within 2 minutes

No app needed

No website required

For the dealer

Reduction of workload

No telephone queues

Increased customer satisfaction

Every caller registered

Fully automated processing in Plan-IT

For the service advisor

More time for customers with complex questions

Reduction of call-back notes

Pre-filled workshop appointments

More grip on planning

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