With CarQall, you are available 24/7 and every caller becomes a lead.

Despite chatbots, online forms and WhatsApp, most customers still prefer to pick up the phone. Digital assistant Max always picks up the phone. He registers callers and schedules physical and telephone appointments for sales and workshop. Even outside of office hours.

Dealers increase sales by always being available by phone.

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What is CarQall

Stop chasing leads. Start selling cars.

CarQall is a unique intelligent platform based on the latest AI technology. It registers callers, visualizes leads and independently handles simple processes. Scheduling a service or test drive can now be done 24/7.

Sales and service advisors will have more time to focus on specific customer requirements and more complex activities. With CarQall, customer satisfaction increases and employees stay inspired.


Always available and personal service

24/7 personal and available
Digitizing repetitive processes
Increased efficiency of sales and aftersales
Valuable Insights
Max from CarQall

Meet the new employee: Max

Max is CarQall’s digital assistant for the automotive industry. The cheapest employee that answers the phone 24/7, registers every caller and plans physical and telephone appointments for sales and aftersales.

For sales, Max takes every incoming call and welcomes the customer. Is sales unavailable? Then the customer can use Max directly for a callback request, showroom appointment or test drive. The sales consultant now knows the customer and can start selling in a targeted way. Stop chasing leads. Start selling cars.

For aftersales, Max can schedule a workshop appointment with the customer within 2 minutes. By asking a few simple questions, Max knows what maintenance is needed at what time. Max coordinates the customer request based on availability and capacity. He confirms the appointment.

Max is immediately available to any dealer in multiple languages. He has no vacation or weekend plans, but always a good mood.


From orientation to sales

Want to see Max at work? Watch the video and experience for yourself how Max is of great value to every dealer.

Prefer your own digital assistant? Then you can! We can create a customized avatar for each dealer. With its own look, voice and name.

More insight and better conversion

The personal, digital assistant Max can be used as an additional employee in the sales department of new and used cars and in aftersales. Just like the other employees, Max works smartly with all existing (IT) systems.

Sales en Aftersales

Good accessibility, clear communication and fast and good follow-up of appointments leads results in a high customer satisfaction. Resulting in more new customers for both Sales and Aftersales.

Inbound and outbound calling

The technology of CarQall handles inbound calls independently and registers the callers. By integrating CarQall with an (electronic) Direct Mailing, the follow-up of leads becomes easier and more transparent. It is also possible to have Max make outbound calls.

Telephony and accessibility

Most customers still pick up the phone to get in touch with the dealer. Customers who call are seriously interested in a (used) car or want to make a workshop appointment right away. By guaranteeing 24/7 telephone accessibility, leads are within reach and sales are not lost.

Works with existing IT systems

Max works with the existing IT systems within the organization just like any other employee. Scheduling a workshop appointment; Plan-IT. Create lead for interest in an occasion; Syntec. Salesforce? No problem. LEF? Not a problem either. Hexon? Done!

Analysis and insights

By handling and registering all incoming calls, the CarQall platform generates a lot of data. Dealers gain insight into the timing of calls, the effect of marketing campaigns and the results of advisors, among other things. With this data, processes can be organized more efficiently and effectively. From data to information and actions.

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Want to see Max at work right away? Do the demo on the website. Call Max from your mobile and make an appointment right away. It is also possible to fill out the form. We will get in touch to tell you more about Max.

Frequently asked questions

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I already have a call center, does CarQall add value to my organization?
A call center is important for a dealer organization, but a well-organized call center is often so taxed during peak hours that customers still end up in queues or endless callback notes are created. The direct handling of simple processes by Max from CarQall ensures high customer satisfaction and a reduction of the pressure at the call center.
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Which (IT) systems does my organization need to be able to use CarQall?
Max from CarQall is literally a new employee who works with the systems that exist. Of course it is nice if there are systems that simplify the follow-up of leads or streamline the planning of workshop appointments and test drives. But Max can also manage without those systems.
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Does the organization need to be trained to work with Max?
No, that is absolutely not necessary. An introduction of Max, as a new employee, to colleagues is recommended. But after that Max works completely independently. So no (IT) knowledge or specific knowledge is needed to set up Max. Once Max works, no one has to worry about it anymore. Max is always in a good mood and no vacation plans.