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Selling is often seen as a craftmanschip, but before it can get to that point, it is critical to make sure there are customers to sell something to. A sales funnel with qualified leads is crucial to convert interest into sales. Max helps every sales consultant fill the sales funnel so the sales consultant can focus on selling the car.

Stop chasing leads. Start selling cars.
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The importance of accessibility

Customers are increasingly orienting themselves for a car outside the regular business hours. Being available 24/7 to support the buying process, by noting interests and scheduling test drives and showroom appointments is crucial.

Fact 1

Platforms such as Autoschout 24 and Autotrack, plus our own dealer website, are leading in the orientation phase of customers when choosing a car.

Fact 2

Leads calling are in the decisive phase of a purchase. Speaking to customers is crucial in the conversion to sales.

Fact 3

People are looking for second-hand cars just after dealerships close and on weekends.

Conversion to real appointments

Our tools that ensure that that appointment really happens


schedules a test drive based on availability.


schedules a physical appointment at the dealership, within business hours.


schedules a callback request at a time that suits the customer and the dealer.

From orientation to sales

Want to see Max at work? Watch the video and experience for yourself how Max is of great value to every dealer.

Want to see Max at work? Watch the video and experience for yourself how Max is of great value to every dealer. Prefer your own digital assistant? Then you can! We can create a customized avatar for each dealer. With an own look, voice and name.

During and outside office hours

But Max is always available, so even in the evening hours. In the night……or early in the morning.

Searching the Internet for a new or used car takes place mostly between 8:00 – 11:00 pm. And when the customer finds that one car, he wants to make an appointment right away. Filling out a form takes a long time and who reads it at this hour? Then rather call and confirm that test drive for next Saturday with Max! Customer happy, dealer happy.

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Want to see Max at work right away? Do the demo on the website. Call Max from your mobile and make an appointment right away. It is also possible to fill out the form. We will get in touch to tell you more about Max.