Hello. We are CarQall.

CarQall was founded by two guys with different disciplines and backgrounds, but with one common goal; to always bring and keep dealers close to the customer. No endless queues when you call for an MOT, no sales advisor who doesn’t know what you are calling for, but data driven insights that are the connection between dealer and customer. 24/7.

By combining years of experience in the automotive industry with in-depth knowledge of data and platforms, we were able to develop the first digital assistant for the automotive industry. Meet Max.

But we’re not the only ones excited….

Despite only being born in 2020, Max is already working at a number of high-profile dealerships in the Netherlands. These dealers have innovation as their driving force, saw opportunities in Corona time and embraced them. Together with them we have taught Max new things and are still learning.

Developing for and with customers.

Max does not stand still and continues to develop every day. New integrations are added, a different voice developed, smarter questions taught and it doesn’t stop there.

This is also how we started as CarQall. First used sales and then new sales, with the final step: after sales!

But we also see opportunities for damage, rental and roadside assistance. Do you have ideas where we should focus? Then contact us and strengthen our partner dealer network.

Het team achter Max

CarQall was founded by Hielke & Ruben.. Years of experience in the automotive industry is combined with in-depth knowledge in the field of data and platforms. The result is the first digital assistant for the automotive industry with the aim of bringing and keeping dealers close to the customer.

No long telephone queues when you call for an APK or are forwarded several times when you have a simple question. Never again a sales advisor who does not know what you are calling for.

It is our vision to embrace the ease with which the customer picks up the phone and to make the handling personal and goal-oriented. The data and insights from every conversation help to strengthen the relationship between the customer and the dealer.

We believe in technology, in data, in scalability and accessibility, but above all in making possible what the customer expects from his or her dealer. 24/7.

Contact us to learn more about our offerings.

After filling out the form, we will contact you to tell you more about Max. It is also possible to see Max at work directly by doing the demo on the website. Call Max and he will help you out!

Frequently asked questions

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I already have a call center, does CarQall add value to my organization?
A call center is important for a dealer organization, but a well-organized call center is often so taxed during peak hours that customers still end up in queues or endless callback notes are created. The direct handling of simple processes by Max from CarQall ensures high customer satisfaction and a reduction of the pressure at the call center.
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Which (IT) systems does my organization need to be able to use CarQall?
Max from CarQall is literally a new employee who works with the systems that exist. Of course it is nice if there are systems that simplify the follow-up of leads or streamline the planning of workshop appointments and test drives. But Max can also manage without those systems.
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Does the organization need to be trained to work with Max?
No, that is absolutely not necessary. An introduction of Max, as a new employee, to colleagues is recommended. But after that Max works completely independently. So no (IT) knowledge or specific knowledge is needed to set up Max. Once Max works, no one has to worry about it anymore. Max is always in a good mood and no vacation plans.